Condom mould

The is the most ideal material for the making of former for latex process. It is widely used in the latex industry for the production of balloons, finger cot, condom,

breathing bag, and other latex dipping products. We supply various shapes and sizes of polished balloon former.



Physical Properties

Size Tolerance (mm)





Water Absorption




Fastness to Acid




Fastness to Alkali



Customer’s tolerance is

available upon requests

Heat Fastness

400 ℃

Flexural Strength

800 kg/cm2

Firing Temp.

1300 ℃


■ Regular Size:
We are producing all shape and sizes according to customer’s sample.

Special design can be made as per customers requests as well.
Below are the regular available sizes
Round : 7″ to 13″
Flat : 8″ and 12″
Heart shape : 8″ and 12″
Airship : 8″
Remark: all regular sizes are available upon requests
■ Package:
In standard carton box packed on the wooden cage
■ Advantages:
•It is not affected by high or low temperature
(can withstand all reasonable temperature changes and will not soften or warp in use)
•It is stronger than glass and superior to wood.
•It is unaffected by acids, steam or most other chemicals.
•It is less costly compared to other materials.
•Higher quality of the end product it yields as compared to some other material used.

Ceramic former are completely vitreous. They do not stick and cause the rubber to tear.
The best advantage is that the former can be used in unglazed latex Dipping Processes.
•Longer service time than other material.


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